The First Sparks

Hunting log, Bespin


We arrived at Cloud City, looking for something or other connected to the Hutt. I don’t think the others had much of a clear plan for once. We were chased away from the spaceport, and didn’t have anywhere to stay, but luckily while I was scouting out the big casino, someone offered me a job guarding it during the big sabback tournament. So that was convenient.

Somehow the others got us a free room too, and we worked out that the sabback players were planning something, so we kept an eye on them. Someone tried luring us into an ambush one night, but we could see it was an ambush and we got away clean-ish. Finally, everything fell apart and we had to fight our way through bloody clone troopers and steal the Hutt’s ship. I took one of his escort fighters, and had a grand time blasting the clones in their dinky little fighters.

No idea where to from here, but so far it’s alright. I thought Bespin would be crowded and tame, but it was good fun in the end.

Geshi, blazing through the stars.



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