The First Sparks

Diary of a Bounty hunter

pay back day one

while waiting at the space station trying to decide where in the galaxy to go I noticed a young moncalamari,he looked familiar but I could not place him .I decided to follow him on-board the ship on which he was boarding . While travelling on the ship I started a conversation with the fish and another alien he had started to talk to, as it turned out we all knew high Galactic. I enjoyed their company and was glad to hear the both of them were happy to continue travelling with me. when we were passing through the station security we saw a wookie being escorted through security .rescuing him seemed like a good idea so we followed him and his handler to a canteena and noticed that he was not as much a prisoner as we had thought, conveniently another wookie was escorted past the canteena and we followed one wookie rescued is as good as another as we left the canteena a woman burst out of a side door and shouted for help. before we could react some empire scum opened fire on her wounding her in the process. my new friends and I jumped to her rescue while I pulled her to safety and a youngish alien noble with some medical experience the two of them with some help from some other aliens killed the scum. we ran of with the woman and ended up negotiating with droids and shooting at some thugs.



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