The First Sparks

The Traitor's Gambit: Felucia

On Alderaan, the group was met by a mid-level government employee, who happened to also be a senior member of the fledgling Resistance being formed against the Empire. He asked if the group would be willing to take a mission to a wilderness area of Felucia.

The cargo retrieved from Sel Zonn station was an Alderaan Intelligence officer, frozen in carbonite. The agent had stumbled upon critical information during his time on the Deep Core world of Empress Teta and had chosen to be frozen in carbonite and shipped to Alderaan as cargo in the hopes that he would evade suspicion in that way.

He had discovered that an Imperial officer, previously supplying critical information to Alderaan inteligence operatives, had been arrested and sent to a small facility on Felucia, while awaiting transport to a more secure Imperial Facility. The window for retrieving the defector was small and there was no way to get an existing strike team assembled in time, and so the group from Sel Zonn was tasked with retrieving the imperial traitor, partially because they were all that was available and partially as a test. one cannot be too careful in this business. Well….

Felucia is a beautiful world, I still see it in my dreams sometimes, the towering fungi, the damp moist air, the rich soil.

The group had little difficulty reaching the imperial facility. It wasn’t designed as a prison, it was a communications facility with a small cell block underneath. I suppose the remoteness and size was part of the reason it was chosen over a larger prison facility.

The base’s commander had a rather horrifying hobby. He was experimenting on the native Felucian people, exposing them to genetic alterations, poisons and engineered viruses. He was passing the results on to his superiors in the Empire. I suppose it’s inevitable that people with such perversions hold high positions within the Empire when you consider its leadership.

His lack of attention to his duties left the base more exposed than it should have been and the group had little trouble infiltrating the base, rescuing the prisoners and eliminating any resistance they ran across before stealing an imperial air ship and fleeing the base along with the rescued Imperial Admiral.

The involvement of the Inquisitors was a concerning development, one that did not make sense at the time. It became clearer later though.




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