The First Sparks

The Wretched Hive

The information which Admiral Varth had for us concerned a project that the Imperial Navy was running. He knew little about the project not even its name just the fact that the project was costing millions of Credits and thousands of lives.

Knowing that the Navy could not have begun such a project without the blessing of Palpetine, and knowing what our ‘benevolent’ emperor actually is made investigating this project essential, for the future of the small resistance movement we had begun to put together and for the future of the galaxy as a whole. As we would find out later, things were worse than we had originally considered possible.

The one lead that Admiral Varth had, the one avenue of investigation open to us, was the name Darga. A Hutt crime lord, though honestly just saying Hutt would have been sufficient, was trading with the Empire. What he was selling the Empire we did not know, nor did we know what he was trading it for, the entry in the ledger which Admiral Varth had seen had simply read ‘Biological resources’

We knew that Darga made his home on Cato Nemoidia, former purse-world of the Separatists. What exactly he was doing on a bombed out, struggling world we did not know, though it was unlikely to be any good.

Having no one else to send, and with them having proven themselves with their rescue of Admiral Varth, we sent our newest team of operatives to Cato Nemoidia with instructions to find Darga and find out,by any means necessary, what he was trading with the Empire. If they could find any further information about the project, that would be a bonus.

From the reports I read, finding Darga was the hard part of the entire endeavour. He had gone to ground in one of the abandoned palaces in the city of Zarra. Once found, Darga was impressed that a group of people had managed to find him, and invited them to join his court and prove their worth.

I suspect a brief explanation is required here. Darga was young as Hutts go, a new player in the Hutt crime cartel. His dealings with the Empire had brought him wealth and power out of proportion to his ability to handle that wealth and power. He deluded himself into thinking that he had bought the loyalty of his court with Credits, drugs, exotic entertainment and the other depravities that Hutts tend towards. In truth, I suspect that less than one third of his court was truly loyal to him, the rest were either just seeing what they could take him for, or were working for other masters.

His arrogance served in our favour, for it took little for the team to insinuate themselves into Darga’s favour and learn about his dealings with the Empire.

What they discovered was the first indication that there was more to the Navy’s project than we had initially suspected. Darga was selling them Tibanna gas, in huge quantities. Far more than the building of a Star Destroyer would require. In return, the Empire was selling him slaves, slaves that had been worked near to death, and making up the short fall in Credits.

But that was not the strangest part of the story.

Darga’s major-domo had made his own deal with the Empire, with the Inquisitors to be specific. Somehow, and that part was never clarified for me, the major-domo, a Nemoidian named Igren Demos, had come into possession of a stasis chamber with a Jedi Master imprisoned within. His deal with the Inquisitors was that they could have the Jedi in return for help in overthrowing Darga.

As things happened, Igren’s attempted take-over and my team’s actions to discover specific details of Darga’s activities occurred the same night. I’ve been told there’s no such thing as co-incidences, but this must come close.

By the time the sun rose over Zarra, Darga had fled in his luxury yacht, destination unknown, Igren Demos was dead, the imprisoned Jedi Master released, the records of his dealings with the Empire was in my team’s hands and looters were picking over the remains of Darga’s palace.

An analysis of the stolen records suggested that a likely destination for Darga was Cloud City on Bespin, and so after a brief visit to the Resurgence, the team proceeded to Cloud City, to end their dealings with Darga once and for all.




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