Rodian hunter


The Rodian hunting reserve of Oolool was hit heavily by new Imperial restrictions on weapon and animal freight, as well as stricter weapon licencing. This annoyed Geshi enough to voyage to the core to lodge an appeal on behalf of his world. Unable to survive the urban jungle, he fell in with local vagrants, whose stories of oppression and cruelty incensed him. When patrolling clones tried to forcefully evict the vagrants, Geshi turned the tables on them, making clones his new favoured prey.

Somehow (he’s still not sure how), he found himself working alongside a band of criminals and would-be rebels, flitting about the galaxy on missions. Geshi can’t quite claim to have understood what all these missions were about, but in general he enjoyed being paid and armed and asked to shoot things, especially clones, and more especially while piloting his first starfighter. During his first expedition with this band, he was able to claim 6 clone trooper kills, one of them in space combat.


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