Zabrak Mercenary


Due to the presents of the Imperial Forces, on the planet Iridonia, looking for strong Zabraks to join their forces a resistance was born. This small group of Zabrak civilians made it their mission to convince the council that helping the Imperial forces would bring war to their world. Through this mission many wars were held and most of them leaving the resistance 2nd best with countless Zabrak lives lost…

Then one day a great battle, the last battle that the planet Zabrak would see. The battle ended the war with the favour tilted in the Imperials numbers and machines. The resistance got away but where split up when a fleet of imperial fighters ambushed them.

Now Hich-Hahyk searches the galaxy for the leader of the Imperials, who ever he may be. He works as a hired gun to survive and to use as a back story when searching the galaxy for Imperial scum. His information leads him to the core of the galaxy in search of vengeance for his people….

Hich-Hahyk disappeared during a party celebrating the swoop-bike race on Bespin. His current whereabouts are unknown, his official status with the Resistance is ‘missing, presumed dead’


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