Vhin Thoral


Part-way through the Clone Wars, Jedi Master Vhin Thoral lost his padawan to a Seperatist ambush. Wracked with guilt and grief, he left for the Outer Rim, refusing the position he was offered at the Almas Academy

His disappearance saved him from the ravages of Order 66

Nothing more was heard of Master Thoral until recently, when he was seen on Ryloth, reportedly accompanied by a Twil’lik child.

He departed Ryloth, leaving no indication of where he was going, however Master Denia believes that he may have headed to Cularin to see whether the Almas Academy survived the end of the Clone War.

He was found, dead, in the depths of the Almas Academy, having apparently been tortured by Inquisitor Kun


Vhin Thoral

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