Warrick Raden


Raden is one of Darga the Hutt’s lackeys. He has a small group of Trade Federation battledroids and he uses them to extort protection money from merchants in a section of Zarra

He had recently fallen out of the Hutt’s favour and had been banished from Darga’s court until he had made up for his failure to obtain a Separatist weapons cache he had promised to deliver.

Raden hoped that leading a group of newcomers to meet Darga will find him the Hutt’s forgiveness.

It didn’t quite work out that way. While Darga was intrigued by group who Raden brought to him, he decided to make an example out of him to ensure that his other lackeys won’t get idea that they can bring uninvited visitors to him.

Darga was executed by Hich-Hahyk, at the Hutt’s request, as he knelt begging for his life.


Warrick Raden

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