The First Sparks

The Traitor's Gambit: Sel Zonn Station

I’ve been meaning to sit down and write this for some time now. Not because I promised anyone, but because there should be an accurate account somewhere, or as accurate as possible from someone who wasn’t there, before the stories get forgotten or exaggerated out of all proportion. I have all of the reports, first hand and second hand, so this is likely as accurate as it could be.

It all started on Sel Zonn Station in orbit of Brentaal

Why they were all there that day I never discovered. Perhaps it was just coincidence. Perhaps it was the Force. An old friend of mine used to say that there is no such thing as coincidence. We’ll likely never know. It is sufficient that they were all there that day.

It started small enough, like the pebble that starts the avalanche. A woman entered the promenade from a maintenance hatch. Fleeing from Imperial troops, she reached for the nearest person and begged for help. As things would happen, the person she begged for help from not only was of the mind to oppose the Empire, but of the means as well.

In a sense I regret the loss of life, there and elsewhere in our struggle against the Empire, but these were not brainwashed clones, these were willing members of the Imperial Navy. They could have retreated at any time, they did not. An old friend once told me that death is just part of life, that killing is not evil though the reasons might be. Our reasons are good, that suffices. That must suffice.

The woman they rescued was an Alderaan intelligence operative, on Sel Zonn station to retrieve a critically important item of cargo. Whether it was simply her association with Alderaan which resulted in the Imperial attention or whether the forged shipping orders she had tipped them off is unknown. They demanded she stop, she tried to flee, someone opened fire and the Promenade erupted in blaster fire.

When the dust settled the Imperial agents and troops lay dead on the Promenade and the group fled, along with two Alderaan agents. They took refuge in an unoccupied section of the station and took stock of their situation and what they had gotten themselves involved in.

The next step involved a want-to-be crime lord and information broker named Switch. Seeing an opportunity for future favours and additional credits, he played a hard line and it took significant bribes before he would reveal the location of the shipment. As it turns out, in one of the heaviest guarded and securest docking bays on the station.

Blue Deck, more than anything, shows the growing pro-human tendencies of the Empire. The occupants of the area strongly discriminate against non-humans and the guards go as far as harassing them in hopes that the hopes that they will fight back and can then be arrested.

Despite this, the group navigated Blue Deck without incident, at least until they reached the docking bay. There, an Imperial Navy officer was directing a crew whoere trying to find the shipment. I suppose that the Imperials had followed the evidence from their earlier attempt to arrest the intelligence operative. Regardless, it went about as expected. The Imperials demanded surrender, their demand was ignored and blaster fire was exchanged. Once the blaster fire died down, the shipment was secured and the group fled aboard the Banshee, Captain Okeefe’s ship, for Alderaan.


Strange bedfellows

So I was minding my own business when out of nowhere I find myself in the middle of a fire-fight. Imperial scum shot a woman. I tried to help with my basic med skills, she did live. Also, a ragtag group of other anti-imperialists took up arms and killed the ones responsible.
I could not abide somebody shooting at a woman, so I shot back. My action, most likely caught on vid, seems to have unwittingly bound me to these people. Before I knew it, i was hiding down dark abandoned tunnels and conversing with crime lords. What would my family think of me now. Perhaps this is a sign of a new business venture. I must explore this further….

Diary of a Bounty hunter
pay back day one

while waiting at the space station trying to decide where in the galaxy to go I noticed a young moncalamari,he looked familiar but I could not place him .I decided to follow him on-board the ship on which he was boarding . While travelling on the ship I started a conversation with the fish and another alien he had started to talk to, as it turned out we all knew high Galactic. I enjoyed their company and was glad to hear the both of them were happy to continue travelling with me. when we were passing through the station security we saw a wookie being escorted through security .rescuing him seemed like a good idea so we followed him and his handler to a canteena and noticed that he was not as much a prisoner as we had thought, conveniently another wookie was escorted past the canteena and we followed one wookie rescued is as good as another as we left the canteena a woman burst out of a side door and shouted for help. before we could react some empire scum opened fire on her wounding her in the process. my new friends and I jumped to her rescue while I pulled her to safety and a youngish alien noble with some medical experience the two of them with some help from some other aliens killed the scum. we ran of with the woman and ended up negotiating with droids and shooting at some thugs.

Hunting log, Brentaal
More shopping than shooting

Crikey! What a waste of a trip. No relief for Oolool. Had to sell my good shooters to get by. And then fell in with a damn Zabrak who reckoned we’d find work up on the station above. All that got us was a good time shooting at bloody Imperials, a fight with some criminals, and some Human getting us to fetch things for it. No worthwhile trophies, but I did at least get a replacement blaster that’s not too bad with the scope mounted on it. The Zabrak and I joined up with a weird mix of aliens, and it looks like we’re going to Alderaan to get more work. Hopefully there’ll be some clones to aim at this time.

Geshi, looking for prey.

Diary of a Bounty hunter
pay back continued

Ha I was correct, the young fish is a Jedi. I did not see him using a light sabre but the sound and the marks where unmistakeable. I am almost certain that he is the second of the two my team was supposed to capture. The group I seem to have acquired appears to be competent and to share a dislike for the empire .after retrieving the goods required from the station and escaping on a small ship to Alderan, I find myself getting ready to leave on a mission for Aalderan security. how this happened I do not know but at least the moncalamari Jedi will also be going making my job so much easer.

Hunting log, Felucia
A proper hunt

Finally, a good chance to get some shooting done. The crowd I’m with aren’t too focused on the hunt, but I suppose we’ve got to make our money somehow. And I bagged some clones! Three, by my count. Mostly indoors, though, so it was much less interesting, especially considering the interesting terrain of Felucia. We had a good bit of fun at the end, leaving a big boom for the Imperials. After, we were taken to some ship and offered more work.

Geshi, satisfied, for now.

The Traitor's Gambit: Felucia

On Alderaan, the group was met by a mid-level government employee, who happened to also be a senior member of the fledgling Resistance being formed against the Empire. He asked if the group would be willing to take a mission to a wilderness area of Felucia.

The cargo retrieved from Sel Zonn station was an Alderaan Intelligence officer, frozen in carbonite. The agent had stumbled upon critical information during his time on the Deep Core world of Empress Teta and had chosen to be frozen in carbonite and shipped to Alderaan as cargo in the hopes that he would evade suspicion in that way.

He had discovered that an Imperial officer, previously supplying critical information to Alderaan inteligence operatives, had been arrested and sent to a small facility on Felucia, while awaiting transport to a more secure Imperial Facility. The window for retrieving the defector was small and there was no way to get an existing strike team assembled in time, and so the group from Sel Zonn was tasked with retrieving the imperial traitor, partially because they were all that was available and partially as a test. one cannot be too careful in this business. Well….

Felucia is a beautiful world, I still see it in my dreams sometimes, the towering fungi, the damp moist air, the rich soil.

The group had little difficulty reaching the imperial facility. It wasn’t designed as a prison, it was a communications facility with a small cell block underneath. I suppose the remoteness and size was part of the reason it was chosen over a larger prison facility.

The base’s commander had a rather horrifying hobby. He was experimenting on the native Felucian people, exposing them to genetic alterations, poisons and engineered viruses. He was passing the results on to his superiors in the Empire. I suppose it’s inevitable that people with such perversions hold high positions within the Empire when you consider its leadership.

His lack of attention to his duties left the base more exposed than it should have been and the group had little trouble infiltrating the base, rescuing the prisoners and eliminating any resistance they ran across before stealing an imperial air ship and fleeing the base along with the rescued Imperial Admiral.

The involvement of the Inquisitors was a concerning development, one that did not make sense at the time. It became clearer later though.


Hunting log, Cato Neimoidia
Cities are awful for hunting

I was never quite clear what our employers wanted on this job. I guess we did it? But it wasn’t any sort of exciting, once we’d parked at the spaceport and shot up some bikers and a few old droids. A slimy Hutt named Darga took us in, I’m not sure why, and the others spent days playing games with him and stalking around his wreck of a palace. People kept trying to kill us. Then we found an old Jedi.

Geshi, eager for more.

Hunting log, Naboo
There are no door locks in the jungle

We were sent to hunt a scientist, which was a new one for me. Getting at him was painfully annoying, though, and I was glad when the Stormtroopers arrived. They gave me something worth shooting at. After that, we had to get offworld in a rush, and I didn’t enjoy slowly driving through the Imperial checkpoints one bit. But the dumb clones didn’t catch us out. Next time, I’m putting our shuttle somewhere easier to reach and better hidden.

Geshi, one clone-kill better off.

Hunting log, Bespin

We arrived at Cloud City, looking for something or other connected to the Hutt. I don’t think the others had much of a clear plan for once. We were chased away from the spaceport, and didn’t have anywhere to stay, but luckily while I was scouting out the big casino, someone offered me a job guarding it during the big sabback tournament. So that was convenient.

Somehow the others got us a free room too, and we worked out that the sabback players were planning something, so we kept an eye on them. Someone tried luring us into an ambush one night, but we could see it was an ambush and we got away clean-ish. Finally, everything fell apart and we had to fight our way through bloody clone troopers and steal the Hutt’s ship. I took one of his escort fighters, and had a grand time blasting the clones in their dinky little fighters.

No idea where to from here, but so far it’s alright. I thought Bespin would be crowded and tame, but it was good fun in the end.

Geshi, blazing through the stars.


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