The capital planet of the old Republic, Coruscant is covered by a single planet-wide city. The population of Coruscant exceeds a trillion sentients, not counting transients, temporary workers or inhabitants of orbital facilities.

No mountains, oceans or other natural features remain, other than the polar ice caps. The only open body of water is the artificial Western Sea, which is surrounded by the residences or the rich and powerful and is dotted with artificial islands and hovering buildings.

Now known as Imperial Center, Coruscant is probably one of the best guarded planets in the entire Empire. The Imperial Senate meets on Coruscant in the same building which formerly housed the Republic Senate. The Emperor has a palace on Coruscant.

Also situated on Coruscant are the ruins of the Jedi Temple, now home only to ghosts and guarded at all times by a crack team of Stormtroopers

Planetary details:
Class: Terrestrial
Atmosphere: Breathable
Climate: Temperate and controlled
Moons: 4 (plus multiple artificial satellites)
Orbital position: 6
Star Type: B6


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