Empress Teta

Empress Teta, or Koros as it used to be known, is a highly urbanised planet on the outer edge of the Deep Core region.

It has been an important planet since before the discovery of the Hyperdrive, due to the large deposits of Carbonite on all planets within the system. Large supplies of carbonite allowed for the development of sleeper ships for interstellar travel.

Even after the discover of the hyperdrive, Empress Teta remained a major player on the galactic stage, rivaling Coruscant as a centre of galactic civilisation, fashion and culture.

The Hyperspace Navigators’ guild has their headquarters there.

Planetary details:
Class: Terrestrial
Atmosphere: Breathable
Climate: Temperate to arctic
Moons: 3
Orbital position: 4
Star Type: F0

Empress Teta

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