Felucia is a world bristling with life. Most of the land surface of the planet is covered with vast jungles. The jungles are dominated by massive mushrooms which form the canopy of the forest. The humidity and strong sunlight from Felicia’s primary combine to form a place where life exists in vast quantities.

The vibrant jungles are rich with Force energy and the native Felucian people are all to some degree or other sensitive to the Force.

Most of the non-native population lives in a handful of small cities. The majority of the Imperial forces are also stationed in the main cities. A scattering of smaller scout outposts and communications facilities are dotted throughout the jungles to relay communications. These are necessary because of the interference which the vegetation causes.

One of these communication facilities was additionally used as a temporary prison for Former Imperial Admiral Gildroy Varth while he was awaiting transfer to the custody of Inquisitor Kun

The facility was under command of Captain Vischera who, as a side project, was investigating bio-toxins and genetically-engineered diseases for someone referred to only as ‘T’. What the purpose for these items was is still unknown.

Planetary details:
Class: Terrestrial
Atmosphere: Breathable
Climate: Hot and humid
Moons: 2
Orbital position: 4
Star Type: A0


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