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On Sel Zonn Station, a woman fleeing from Imperial authorities runs into a group of individuals predisposed against the Empire.

After fighting Imperials and negotiating with a Droid Crime Lord, the group identified the cargo which Maya had been trying to obtain, an Alderaan Intelligence Agent, frozen in carbonite.

They rescued the agent and fled Imperial pursuit upon the Banshee, heading for Alderaan

On Alderaan the group met a mid-level government flunky, Rilik Bando, who was also a key member of the fledgling Alderaan Resistance. He offered the group a job. The information which the agent had risked so much to deliver concerned an Imperial officer who had been leaking information to the resistance for months. He had been captured and was being held in a facility on Felucia while awaiting transfer to more secure facilities.

The job which the group was offered was to go to Felucia, infiltrate the facility and get the Admiral out.

The trip to Felucia was uneventful, the same could not be said for the landing, after the ship caught the edge of an explosive fungus. The walk to the Imperial facility took the group past an abandoned Separatist base, fallen into ruins, and a village of native Felucians.

The Felucians, once assured that the group were not Imperials, were willing to help the group and show them the way to the facility.

A scout trooper stumbling upon the village provoked a chase and a battle at a small communications outpost. Other than that the trip to the Imperial facility was easy. Once there, the group elected to enter through a waste-disposal chute rather than try the well-defended front door.

Almost immediately they discovered the second use of the facility, as a bio-weapons and bio-research facility for the base commander

The group eliminated all resistance, freed Admiral Varth from the prison in the basement and fled the facility by air as a delegation from the Assiduous, announced by comm messages sent earlier, was on final approach.

Instead of returning to Alderaan, the group was taken to the Resurgence, a ship which had been provided by the fledgling resistance as a safe base of operation for Admiral Varth.

- – So ended “A Traitor’s Gambit” – -

Admiral Varth had a mission for the group almost immediately. He told of a secret project which he had become aware of. He knew little details other than that the Imperial Navy was keeping it a secret from the Senate, that the costs of the project were very high and that there was a long casualty list associated with it. He tasked the group with discovering more about this project, starting with investigating one of the suppliers which was being used, a Hutt named Darga

The group departed for Cato Neimoidia where Darga had his base of operations. After tangling with a swoop-bike gang they tracked down one of Darga’s minions and persuaded him to take them to Darga.

Darga was initially wary of the newcomers, but warmed to them quickly after one of the group carried out an execution without any hesitation and then the group provided some rare entertainment in the gladiatorial arena.

The were hints, including two night-time attacks upon the group, that Darga’s majordomo was not quite as loyal as Darga believed, but Darga wouldn’t hear anything of it.

One of those pieces of information, provided by TC-663, who secretly worked for Switch, was a list of Darga’s business deals, being sent to someone in the Empire. The list did not include any of Darga’s deals with the Empire, but appeared to include just about everything else. One oddity noticed was that the list detailed a number of sales of slaves, but no purchases.

The next day, a delegation from the Iron Ring slaving group arrived, complaining about the state of the slaves sold to them. They claimed that many of the slaves they were being sold were dying before they could reach the market. With no real other options, Darga reluctantly agreed to refund recent transactions.

An Imperial delegation arrived the third day. A human woman accompanied by three out-of-uniform Stormtroopers. They had come to discuss the resources which Darga was supplying for the Sarlacc Project. They required Darga to double the amount of Tibanna Gas he was supplying to them and they would increase what they were paying him, either increasing the credits he was getting or a larger increase in the “biological resources” they were supplying him. After much deliberation, the decision to take the increase in credits was conveyed to the Imperials. After attending to paperwork, the Imperials departed.

The Jedi in the group, having been plagued since he arrived by dreams of someone in trouble, decided to spend the afternoon in meditation. While meditating, he was caught up in a Force Vision which he has not discerned the meaning of yet.

That evening, Igren Demos began the coup he had been planning for months. The group, instead of getting involved, used the disturbance to enter the lower levels of Darga’s palace. There they found a stasis unit containing a Jedi Master who had been a prisoner since before the end of the Clone Wars.

Freeing her and escaping the dungeons, the group happened upon a conversation between Demos and an Imperial Inquisitor, which suggested that the Inquisitor had helped fund the coup attempt in return for Demos’ prisoner. During the course of the conversation, the Inquisitor mentioned that he was aboard the Assiduous and was on his way to Cato Nemoidia.

After defeating Demos and looting Darga’s palace, the group departed on for the spaceport and a trip back to the Resurgence. An investigation of Darga’s computer system had revealed his destination as Bespin and the group was determined to follow him.

- – So ended “The Wretched Hive” – -

Story so far

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