Zarra is the capital city of Cato Neimoidia, it once was a beautiful city built on bridges soaring between massive stone columns.

Zarra was home to many of the top-level members of the Trade Federation before the Clone Wars. During the Clone Wars, Zarra, like most cities on Cato Nemoidia, was a prime target for the Republic and many battles were fought in the air above it, including one of the last battles of the Clone Wars.

The bombardment left most of the city in ruins with many of the bridges damaged to one degree or another. The Republic dropped medical and relief packages to the survivors, but that all stopped after the Republic fell.

Now the citizens of Cato Nemoidia struggle to make a living among the ruins of their city while roving gangs extort what little credits remain.

The Hutt crime lord Darga makes his home in Zarra and many of the roving gangs answer to him.


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