Sarlacc Project

The code-name for a secret Imperial project.

Little is known about the Sarlacc project at the moment. What is known is:

  • It’s costing a great deal of credits.
  • It’s resulting in large casualty counts.
  • The Imperial Navy is hiding the project from the Senate.
  • The project involves purchases of large amouts of Tibanna Gas.


After the mission to Coruscant it was revealed that ‘Sarlacc’ is the code name for a new Imperial ship being designed on Coruscant and constructed at a secret location.

The ship, classified as an Eclipse-class Star Dreadnought is a 17.5 km long capital ship carrying more armaments and fighters than 5 regular Star Destroyers, in addition to the axial super-laser, capable of destroying an entire city or another capital ship in a single shot.

Sarlacc Project

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