Cularin Cularin is the third planet of the system of the same name.

The Cularin system is widely theorised to be a ‘constructed’ system, much like the Correlia system, due to the unusual patterns of the orbits of the planets.

The Cularin primary is a neutron star. It is closely orbited by a brown dwarf. The constant flow of material from the brown dwarf to the neutron star results in very high radiation flux throughout the system along with intense, unpredictable flares.

The planet Cularin is permanently shielded from the neutron star by the brown dwarf, leaving it and the space near it free from the radiation which affects the rest of the system. This would still not be enough to make the planet habitable, as the distance from the neutron star would leave the surface frozen.

Cularin however is indeed habitable, although not comfortable. This is due to the effects of the kaluthin plant. A bio-engineered life form, the kaluthin plant’s kilometers-deep roots draw heat up from the planet’s molten core and its leaves radiate a faint purple light. The atmosphere is breathable, however trace amounts of methane and phosphorus make long-term exposure unpleasant.

Located on Cularin are the Jedi’s Almas Academy as well as an ancient Sith fortress.

Some time near or after the end of the Clone Wars, the sole city, as well as the Almas Academy were bombarded from orbit by turbolaser fire and were utterly devastated.


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