Nixon aka Centarus 5

The Centarus system is hazardous to space travel. Two asteroid belts are found in the system, one between the 4th and 5th planets, one between the 6th and 7th. In addition, clouds of debris are found around many of the planets.

The inner four planets are air-less wastelands, covered with craters upon craters from countless impacts. Centarus 4 has a crack almost down to the mantle running across over half of the planet.

A popular theory among planetary scientists is that the supernova in the nearby Cron Cluster was responsible for the devastation in the Centarus system, however many of the impact craters appear to be far older than 5000 years.

The Empire maintains a mining base on Centarus 7, although they are moving ships and personnel out of the system.

The only habitable planet in the system is Centarus 5.

Historical records indicate that at one time Republic explorers visited the planet and met with the inhabitants, a pre-space faring race who call themselves the Nazrei. They had little interest in affairs beyond their world, and nothing of value to offer the Republic, and so they were left alone.

A couple of years after the fall of the Republic, an Imperial admiral realised the Nazrei did have something to offer the Empire. Themselves. As strong as any Wookie, but with less of an aggressive nature, the Nazrei were ideal slaves for mining and other industries which required significant manual labour. Better, since their race was unknown to the larger galactic population, there would be no outcry, And so the Empire invaded Nixon, coming first as friends, and then taking control of the planet once a large enough contingent had landed.

The Empire’s first move was to imprison the Nazrei’s shaman, a Force-user of such strength that he could move asteroids in orbit, and ensure his compliance by threatening his people. After that, they could solidify their hold on the world and crack down on any hints of rebellion.


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